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So excited for this burrito. There’s a new taco truck that does “al pastor trompo”, which is amazing and absolutely delicious. I had a couple tacos last week, but today I got a pastor burrito with sour cream and cheese. No rice, no beans, just meaty, creamy goodness. Now let’s see if this is as good as I’m hoping it is.

Edit: Gdi there’s no sour cream or cheese in this. I paid extra, but they must have forgotten. Oh well, a little disappointing but still good.

Interest check!

What would people be interested in if I opened an art thread for USD or Paintbrushes? Avatars, sketches, full commissions, chibis, SCC’s or something else? I desperately want to buy a new tank for more turtles, but I’m stumped as to what people would be willing to pay for.


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